Konrad-Schmolke et al. (2022) Discrimination of thermodynamic and kinetic contributions to the heavy rare earth element patterns in metamorphic garnet

It’s about rocks. I won’t lie, I too am surprised I am a co-author on this paper.

The lead author is a colleague from my department. Some point late 2021 / early 2022, he sent a desperate plea for help to “those who can code”: He needed to implement the heat diffusion equation in Matlab. It’s something I had done many times before and by some miracle I had a few spare hours then, so I did it for him. In the following days, I helped him here and there to refine it. Many months later, I helped put the script into words for the paper. But that’s about it.

Cool paper though, if you’re into garnets and how they form.

Click here to download the full-text.

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