My Publications and Presentations are detailed on separate pages.

Current position: VINNOVA Marie Curie research fellow, based at the Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg (Sweden).
Associate Editor of the Journal of Physical Oceanography.
Co-lead of the international CLIVAR/CliC Northern Ocean Regional Panel “Understanding of the role of the Arctic Ocean in Arctic amplification”

Education and Qualifications

October 2011 to February 2015 – PhD student at the University of East Anglia, Norwich (UK), and UK Met Office, Exeter (UK)
Antarctic Bottom Water in CMIP5 models: characteristics, formation, evolution
Supervisors: Prof. K. J. Heywood (UEA), Prof. D.P. Stevens (UEA), and J.K Ridley (UK MetOffice), PhD
Assessed CMIP5 climate models performances regarding Antarctic Bottom Water present state properties and formation processes (Heuzé et al., 2013; Heywood et al., 2014), as well as global changes of this water under climate change scenario (Heuzé et al., 2015a).
Investigated the drivers of open ocean deep convection in HadGEM3 and possible ways to stop it in the Southern Ocean (Heuzé et al., 2015b).

September 2013 – NCAS Climate Modelling Summer School, University of Oxford (UK)

August 2011 – Physics of the Climate System, Summer School, University of Utrecht (Netherlands)

2008 to 2011 – Engineering Degree and Master’s Degree in Hydrodynamics, Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France) and LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris (France)
Increased my knowledge of fluid mechanics and turbulence equations and parameterisations
Developed strong computing skills for complex flow modelling
Performed experimentations on small scale marine structures
Master’s thesis on the interannual variability of the mixed layer depth in the Southern Ocean – I restarted working on that topic in October 2014 (Heuzé et al., 2015c).
Supervisor: F. Vivier (LOCEAN-IPSL), PhD

Before that, I did my classes préparatoires (crème de la crème of the French undergraduate studies) in maths and physics at Janson de Sailly, Paris (France). If you really want to know what I did even before 2006, contact me.

Fieldwork sites (magenta) and other places of interest (black and blue)

Work Experience:  at sea

June – July 2017 –  R/V Polarstern (Alfred Wegener Institute)
SiPCA expedition (Survival of the Polar Cod in a changing Arctic), north of Svalbard
C. Heuzé’s equipment was purchased with a grant awarded to C. Heuzé by the Olle Engkvist Stiftelse.
Group leader (PI) for the physical oceanography
Deployed autonomous bottom temperature sensors
Collected samples for tracer gas analysis, in collaboration with the GEOMAR
Responsible for the CTD and XCTD

August 2015 –  I/S Oden (Swedish Polar Secretariat)
Paleoceanography expedition to Petermann Fjord, northwest Greenland
Deployed autonomous bottom temperature sensors
Installed the whole CTD and performed CTD casts
Outreach communication via

August 2013 – R/V Lance (Norwegian Polar Institute)
Oceanography and sea ice research cruise in Fram Strait
Deployed and recovered moorings, performed CTD casts

January to March 2012 –  RRS James Clark Ross (British Antarctic Survey)
Oceanography and biology research cruise in the Southern Weddell Sea
Deployed and recovered gliders
Performed CTD casts and chlorophyll measurements for a shelf benthic-biology cruise

May 2011 – Thétys II (CNRS)
Oceanography and biology research cruise to the Western Mediterranean Sea
Performed CTD casts, chlorophyll filtration and salinity sampling


Work Experience:  in and around the office

2017 Executive Secretary of APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) Sweden.

Since July 2015 – Postdoctoral researcher / VINNOVA Marie Curie research fellow between the University of Gothenburg (Sweden) and the University of Oxford (UK)

Since July 2015 – Teaching and supervision of Master and Bsc students at the University of Gothenburg. See the Teaching page.

December 2015 to June 2017 – Consultant for the Radar Remote Sensing group of Chalmers Technical University, Gothenburg (Sweden).
Since January 2017 – Co-supervisor of a Chalmers PhD student.

April 2015 to July 2015 – Postdoctoral researcher at LOCEAN, Paris (France)

October 2011 to March 2015 – Teaching and marking for undergraduate students at UEA. See the Teaching page.

May to July 2013Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, London (UK). See the Outreach page.

March to September 2011 – Research internship at LOCEAN-IPSL, Paris (France)
The interannual variability of the mixed-layer in the Southern Ocean,
Supervisor: F. Vivier, PhD

Created a coarse resolution global climatology of the mixed-layer (ML) from raw Argo data.
Examined the impact of SAM and ENSO on the ML properties’ interannual variations.

May to September 2010 – Research internship at the INRS-ETE, Québec (Canada)
Statistical hydrology of North Canada
Supervisor: T. B.M.J Ouarda, PhD

Analysed the influence of Spring flood events on Autumn flood events in Québec
Developed a new statistical method for the detection of outliers (drought events)

Deploying an XCTD through a lead in the Arctic pack ice (Credit: E. Andrée)

I am a reviewer for
– Journal of Physical Oceanography
– Journal of Geophysical Research
– Ocean Science
– Ocean Modelling
– Annals of Glaciology
– Journal of Climate
– Future Earth
– Oceanography

I am also fairly good at organising things:
– Co-convenor of HE008 session “North Atlantic – Nordic seas – Arctic Ocean heat exchanges: Processes and Impacts”, 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting 2018;
– Organiser of two short courses during EGU 2017: “Communicating Climate Change” and “Successful strategies to design, develop and write a research paper”;
– Organiser of the 2016 international FRISP meeting at Kristineberg, Sweden;
– Organiser of career-development sessions for young researchers in Sweden, during FRISP 2016 and the PolarForum;
– Organiser of the Marine lunches, monthly networking events to strengthen collaborations between the University of Gothenburg and Chalmers;
– Organiser of the “Polar Pub”, seminar series and networking event for polar early career researchers in Gothenburg.