2015: SO deep convection in NEMO

C. Heuzé, J.K. Ridley, D. Calvert, D.P. Stevens and K.J. Heywood (2015), “Increasing vertical mixing to reduce Southern Ocean deep convection in NEMO3.4“, Geoscientific Model Development, NEMO special issue, vol 8, pp 3119-3130 doi:10.5194/gmd-8-3119-2015

Fig 5: For each experiment, contours where deep convection occurs in the Weddell Gyre.

Sensitivity experiments on a version of the ocean model NEMO with a prescribed atmospheric forcing to find a way to minimalise Southern Ocean deep convection.
We found that the Weddell Polynya opens, and deep convection occurs subsequently, because warm anomalies accumulate at the surface.

Hence, rather counter-intuitively, vertical mixing needs to be increased in order to reduce the spurious deep convection, by preventing surface waters to become too warm for sea ice to form.

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