Scripts & Data

Because most times the Methods section of a paper is not detailed enough for you to re-write the corresponding code and in order to play my part in the opendata movement, I will upload my codes here. I am starting with the ones I currently use. If there is any old code that you need and that I have no uploaded yet, please contact me. For now, I write in Matlab; I will eventually switch to Python and rewrite the codes then. Everything here is given as .doc anyway.

DISCLAIMER: Everyone codes in a different way depending on the design of their experiment and the machine that they have. In particular for CMIP5-related codes, there are more efficient ways to proceed if you are studying few models at a time.


In-situ measurements

  • PS106.2 CTD data, north of Svalbard, June-July 2017 : archived in PANGAEA here.
  • Petermann2015 / OD1507 CTD data, in and around Petermann Fjord in northwest Greenland, August 2015: archived in PANGAEA here.
  • JR255B / JR259 / JR275 CTD data, Weddell Sea, February-March 2012: archived in BODC here.