Prospective BSc or Master’s: Email me if you want to work on one of our research topics, or directly email one of the team members below.

Prospective interns: The Swedish holiday calendar is not compatible with internships running over the summer. If your project finishes latest in June or can start in September, email me.

Prospective PhD or postdocs: There currently is no vacancy in my group, and I do not plan to advertise any position before the end of the year.

Current members

Salar Karam
PhD student since October 2019
Project “WAOW
= deep Arctic Ocean, observations

Dr Lu Zhou
Postdoc since April 2021
Project “WINDOWS
Supervised Jakob Gunnarsson
= Antarctic sea ice, remote sensing

Dr Lea Poropat
Postdoc since June 2021
Project “NEEDS
Supervised David Ek and Linn Carlstedt
= sea level, machine learning

Hau-Man “Carmen” Wong
PhD student starting in September 2023
Project “MAPS
= Arctic sea ice, remote sensing

Past members

Linn Carlstedt
Master’s student 2022 – 2023
Drivers of sea level variability using neural networks“. Completed with honours

Jakob Gunnarsson
Master’s student 2022 – 2023
The atmospheric effects of Southern Ocean open-ocean polynyas onto the coastal polynyas from EC-Earth3“. Completed with honours

Dr Martin Mohrmann
PhD student 2018 – 2022
Ocean mixing and polynyas at Maud Rise, Weddell Sea“.
Now at VOTO (Sweden)

David Ek
Master’s student 2021 – 2022
Dynamics of sea level variability from altimetry in the wider North Sea“. Completed with honours
& Bachelor student 2020
Supraglacial lakes monitoring using SAR imagery at Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland

Dr Adriano Lemos
Postdoc 2020
Project “WINDOWS
Supervised David Ek’s BSc
Now at FMI (Finland)

Dr Wiebke Aldenhoff
PhD student 2016 – 2020
Detection and classification of sea ice from spaceborne multi-frequency synthetic aperture radar imagery and radar altimetry“.
Now at the BSH Rostock (Germany)

Lorine Ferger, now Behr
Master’s/exchange student 2019
“The Mediterranean Overflow in climate change simulations; a savior for the AMOC?”

Ellen Andersson
Bachelor student 2019
“Effects of gradual vs abrupt change in atmospheric CO2 on the Southern Ocean ventilation”

Emelie Craaford
Bachelor student 2019
“Transient and equilibrium responses of mixed layer depth in the North Atlantic Ocean”

Lola Nader
Bachelor/exchange student 2019
“Climate Model Sea Level Rise Projections in the North Sea”

Lovisa Waldrop Bergman
Master’s student 2017 – 2018
“Ocean surface currents as a proxy for meltwater export – A modelling study”. Completed with honours

David Hagman
Bachelor student 2017
“Connectivity of deep water formation areas in climate models”

Sara Sahlin
Master’s student 2016 – 2017
“Bottom temperature sensors: using 2015 Greenland results to successfully plan the 2017 Arctic deployment”

Clara Calander
Master’s student 2015 – 2016
“Bottom temperature as a proxy for warm bottom layer temperature, West Antarctica”