About Me

(Dr) Céline Heuzé
Universitetslektor / Senior Lecturer in climatology
Docent / habilitated in climatology
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

I am:
– a climatologist / physical oceanographer at the University of Gothenburg;
– most interested in polar and/or deep water masses and their effects on the climate;
– co-PI of the international expedition MOSAiC;
– the 2022 EGU’s OS division Outstanding Early Career Scientist awardee;
– French, in case you wondered.

Contact me:
Geovetarcentrum, office 4.110
ClnHz on Twitter

Or meet me (tbc):
IUGG, July 2023, Berlin (Germany)
Nansen Legacy symposium, November 2023, Tromsø (Norway)

Latest News: