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Ongoing projects:

Arctic deep waters

MOSAiC and Synoptic Arctic Survey

Weddell Polynya

PhD project

Past projects:

Greenland meltwaters and North Atlantic circulation

VINNMER-Marie Curie Cofund, dnr 2015-01487, 2015-2018

Deep Southern Ocean in climate models

NERC Open CASE, award number 1093171, 2011-2015
My PhD project:

  • Quantified biases in Antarctic Bottom Water temperature and salinity in CMIP5 models [1] [2];
  • Determined the causes for these biases: impossibility to export shelf water due to the mixing scheme, and open ocean deep convection in the Weddell Polynya [1] [5];
  • Quantified the consequence of these biases on climate change projections [3];
  • Found a numerical solution to suppress the unrealistic formation process [4].