Research theme: Arctic Polynyas

Project “Monitoring Arctic Polynyas from Space (MAPS)”, funded by the Swedish National Space Agency, grant 2022-00149.
Ca 5.3 million SEK. I am the PI.
January 2023 – December 2026

The aim of the project is to determine the variability and improve the retrievability of polynyas in the Arctic. The three sub objectives are:

  • To determine why the polynyas open where and when they do in the Arctic, both in winter and in summer, both for coastal and open-ocean / hybrid ones;
  • To determine why they change shape while they are open, in particular the respective roles of dynamics and thermodynamics, and how predictible this is;
  • To model the air-sea fluxes and more generally the impact of the polynyas on the weather, in order to (eventually) improve the polynya retrievability.


  • A PhD student, whose recruitment is ongoing;
  • Myself as main supervisor, and for the first two objectives;
  • Luisa Ickes from Chalmers as co-supervisor, and for the third objective;
  • Collaboration with Kay Ohshima, Hokkaido University, Japan.


Nothing yet, come back later 🙂

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