Research theme: Arctic deep waters

Project “Why is the deep Arctic Ocean Warming? (WAOW)”, funded by Vetenskapsrådet grant 2018-03859
Ca 4 million SEK; I am the PI (single applicant; early career grant)
Started in January 2019, finishes in December 2023

The aim of this project is to finally determine the path and variability of the deep waters of the Arctic Ocean, from 2000 m to the sea floor, using notably data that we collected during the international MOSAiC expedition (2020) and the Synoptic Arctic Survey (2021).


  • Myself;
  • PhD student Salar Karam, of which I am the main supervisor, October 2019 to September 2023;
  • Maren Walters from Uni Bremen, for expertise with CFC analysis;
  • Collaboration with the wider MOSAiC Team Ocean and the Swedish Synoptic Arctic Survey consortium.


The analyses have been delayed by covid19 closing the Uni Bremen lab and postponing the Synoptic Arctic Survey expedition. Nevertheless:

  • Collaboration with biologists, where we show a clear relationship in the central Arctic between water masses and ecosystem abundance and diversity: [30]
  • Overviews of the MOSAiC expedition: Atmosphere [28], Snow and Sea Ice [27], and Physical Oceanography [29]
  • Review of the state of the Arctic Ocean, highlighting changes in the freshwater cycle and which components of the climate system are still too poorly observed to conclude: [24]

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