Research theme: Antarctic polynyas

Project “Warm oceanic Inflows for Near-real time Detection Of Weddell polynya from Space (WINDOWS)”, funded by Rymdstyrelsen grant 164/18
Ca 4.5 million SEK; I am the PI.
Started in January 2019, finishes in December 2022.

The aim is to create an “early warning system” to detect that the winter sea ice is going to open, by combining passive and active satellite remote sensing. We are using the Weddell Polynya in the Southern Ocean as test subject.


  • Myself until February 2021;
  • Postdoc Lu Zhou, April 2021 – March 2024;
  • Master’s student Jakob Gunnarsson, April 2022 – March 2023;
  • Postdoc Adriano Lemos, January-August 2020;
  • PhD student Martin Mohrmann, co-supervised with S. Swart and H. Ploug from the Marine Sciences Department, Gothenburg University, January 2018 – May 2022.


  • (Dr) Martin Mohrmann’s PhD thesis “Ocean mixing and polynyas at Maud Rise, Weddell Sea”
  • Determination of local oceanographic effects that could explain why polynya formation is predominantly at one very specific location: [31]
  • Detection of upcoming sea ice opening 4 months ahead, along with determination of the dynamics and thermodynamics forcings causing the opening: [26]
  • Representation of Antarctic Polynyas in CMIP6 models: [25]
  • Detection of upcoming sea ice opening several days ahead from passive remote sensing: [23] and [13];
  • On how exceptional the Weddell Polynya re-opening of 2016-2017 has been: [14][17].

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