Research theme: Greenland and the North Atlantic

Project “Is Greenland meltwater going to stop the Atlantic overturning circulation?”, funded by VINNMER-Marie Curie, dnr 2015-01487.
Ca 2.5 million SEK; I was the PI.
Started in July 2015, finished in June 2018.


  • Myself, as postdoc researcher;
  • Anna Wåhlin, Gothenburg University, and Helen Johnson, Oxford University, as mentors / hosts;
  • Master student Lovisa-Waldrop Bergman.

Outcomes and publications:

  • Collected hydrographic data and produced the first map the  path of meltwaters from Petermann Glacier out of its fjord into Nares Strait [8];
  • Modelled the oceanic circulation of Nares Strait and determined its sensitivity to initial conditions (Master’s student’s work);
  • Quantified biases in full depth water properties and deep water formation processes in the North Atlantic in CMIP5 models [10];
  • Determination of ocean currents from infrared remote sensing – collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology to try and increase the North Atlantic data coverage [6][9][11].

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